Thursday, 11 July 2013

7 Days Vegan Challenge: Day 3

   Today post it's going to be short, as I was working until late tonight. Even though I wanted to post something small about day 3 of the Vegan Week Challenge.

   I had this morning for breakfast some pasta from last night, it was still amazing and my body was asking for some savoury when I woke up. I spent most of the morning at home getting ready for work and organising a few things in the house.

   For lunch, potatoes and some alfalfa sprouts. I was reading about potatoes in the morning and it came to my head a very typical potato tapa from Spain: Patatas al alioli (alioli potatoes): basically, it consists in boiled potatoes covered with garlic mayonnaise (alioli). Most of them have as well chopped flat parsley, but its optional. Simple but delicious. It is always a bit difficult to me here in Ireland choose the right potatoes to boil and so they stay in one piece and don't smash. Today I almost got it 100%. Once covered in alioli, all was ok!

patatas alioli

   Straight to work after that and not much time to think about food. But loads of non vegan temptations in the kitchen...although no for me, I successed! My dinner was one of my favourite dishes in the restaurant: saien soba, a ramen dish with vegetables and tofu. Only variation I did swapping rice for  ramen noodles (they contain egg). Together with the ramen, I have a portion of yasai gyosa grill (vegetables dumplings, first steamed and then grilled). Beautiful combination!

   Back home, I treated myself after the long and hard work with some diary free chocolate ice cream, one of the favourite desserts. Very rich chocolate ice cream, no missing the diary based ones!

diary free chocolate ice cream

     Tired now after working late, so time for bed and rest for getting ready for another day. Tomorrow is already Day 4, time is flying!, I passed the ecuador and feeling great!

   More tomorrow, thanks for being here and good night!

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