Sunday, 7 July 2013

7 Days Vegan Challenge: Introduction

   A month ago, sponsored by Dee's WholeFood, took place the National Vegetarian Week, where they challenge people to eat more plants and enjoy a healthier lifestyle and planet. The mission was to celebrate the health benefits of being vegetarian and encourage to try the Veggie Challenge during the National Vegetarian Week. I decided to take the challenge! It was a quick decision with some friends and we have a great week, plenty of cooking and sharing both recipes and food, loads of support from everybody...but it wasn't a big challenge! I mean: I enjoyed the whole week, creating great recipes and cooking for people but, loving as I do so much all kind of vegetables and loving cooking, I didn't feel I was doing a challenge . I loved every single meal and didn't miss (at all) meat. I m surrounding everyday by meat and fish at work, but my body or mind didn't miss it (I had to cook during that week kakuni, a traditional pork belly dish, a dish that I love!). Conclusion: it was too easy! And I like challenges!

   So every "problem" has a solution: in this case, find a bigger challenge! And naturally, following this way after a Vegetarian Week, I didn't have any other option than a challenge me fof a Vegan Week. From tomorrow Monday the 8th of July to Sunday the 14th, it will be nothing more than vegan food for me!

   I am looking forward to go through this experience and see how much of a challenge will be. I am sure I will learn a few things, cook new dishes and share great experiences. I m sure as well this week will have some health benefits. I want to see what I feel during these 7 days. I know it won't be very difficult but I hope there is some kind of challenge, so I will learn more.

   I will share every day here, in Facebook and Twitter this great experience. Feel free to share your own experiences, doubts, thoughts or anything. It will be much appreciated.


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