Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Month Vegan Challenge: Day 8

  Well, it's been a week since we started the Vegan Week Challenge first, that became finally in a Vegan Month Challenge. And I have to say that it's getting easier everyday. First days there were no much things in the fridge, sometimes we didn't know what to make or buy and it was difficult to decide about snacks. But since this weekend things have been easier, both in shopping and cooking, and more than a difficult challenge it's now a pleasure! Learning, changing recipes, enjoying meals, realising that we can cut meat and dairy a lot but at the same time loving cooking and eating! I'm not saying that I'm going to become vegan (though you never know) but the options of spending periods of times being vegan/vegetarian are now very clear. It's true that I am not a person that eat a lot of meat. In my normal diet, days without meat are not rare. I can say that probably I eat more fish/seafood that meat. So I guess that this has helped in this challenge.

   Today one of my chefs made me a real good udon noodles dish with fennel, chillies, menma, tofu and mushrooms. I like the soggy texture of udon, slippery in your mouth. Together with this noodle dish, I had a miso soup.

   Back home, it was time to cook. And tonight I made for the first time something very spanish but in its vegan version: Spanish Omelette (or Potato Omelette).

Vegan Spanish Omelette

   Spanish Omelette is a big institution in the whole country: one of the most popular tapas, eat outside or at home, for lunch and for dinner...and in some regions, like in Madrid, delicious breakfast! I have to admit here that I was a bit worry making this vegan version as I love Spanish Omelette and the idea of replacing one of the 2 main ingredients was a bit concerned.

   This vegan spanish omelette was made with potato, onion and the egg substitute was chickpea flour with water. The process was exactly like a traditional spanish omelette and the result was...amazing! Of course you can say it's not a egg omelette or maybe because I knew that but it was just delicious. Consistency and flavour. So its going to be a must in my home cookbook from now on. Just need to make it a few more times and adjust quantities and cooking times and I'm sure it will be a great recipe!

Good night for now!

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