Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Month Vegan Challenge: Day 9

   I am posting now and it is very late, when I suppose to be in bed and sleeping: early start tomorrow at work. But I wanted to write a couple of quick things about today and the Vegan Challenge.

   Fist, the benefits that I think I am getting with the challenge. As I said before, I am enjoying this challenge as I am learning quite a lot: cooking new recipes, finding substitutes for meat and diary, knowing new places where to eat. But I was waiting for a health benefit or some physical changes. I noticed that I am sleeping better lately. And that's a big improvement for me! I have sometimes difficulties to sleep: it takes me quite a lot time before I fall sleep, then I wake up a few times during the night and, even though I go late to sleep, I always wake up early: conclusion, many times I don't get enough sleeping hours and you pay that during the day! But since I started the Vegan Challenge, the quality of my sleep has improved. Maybe it is a coincidence, but it has happened, so I prefer to think that the diet has something to do.

   Second and last thing...dinner. It was a quick and different dinner tonight at work: a mix of 'healthy' grilled marinate tofu and salad with the 'mistreated' fries. Yin and Yang. But with a yummy result!

Grilled marinated tofu with salad and fries

   Good night for now, my eyes are getting heavy!


  1. Juan what a great challenge and it looks like you're getting so much from it. It's a really good time of year to write about taking a break from meat because I think we've had too much meat on the BBQ in the last few weeks. Loving your posts, keep them coming :0)

  2. yeah, I m really love this challenge, not easy at the beginning but now learning so much and loving the food! A bit of detox is always good too! thanks for your comments :)